Our Approach

Our Approach

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Jay Sparling, Owner of Sparling Business Development explains the companies approach this way … Each of the services we offer comprise what I like to refer to as “our toolbox”. I honestly believe that Sparling can offer you the absolute best “bang for the buck” when it comes to any of the services provided – and that there are no limitations on the size and resources available within the organizations we partner with. It doesn’t matter if you are a sole proprietor or employ 100’s, Sparling will provide insights, solutions and measurable improvements in performance and profitability. Brash you say? Bright Shiny ThingNot really at all. If there isn’t something immediately evident that we can do to provide measurable improvements, we won’t try to force a square peg into a round hole. I often talk about the “bright shiny thing” approach to selling competitive services. I believe in doing a comprehensive analysis of the businesses competitive environment. I am not interested in selling a product … I want to provide a solution that is clearly the best investment for your business and look for a long term relationship that is mutually beneficial. That’s why many competing services are priced so much higher – there is a “one shot” aspect of their service for them to make any money.  Clients we work with have seen dramatic improvements in their profitability, web presence, ability to reach a target market and more because we take the time to understand the goals, needs, current state, desired future state and resources available before a plan is put in place and executed. Then we work on additional projects that provide their own measurable benefits. During the over 30 years in Operational, Quality and Engineering Management, the simple yet effective “Plan-Do-Check-Act” method of continuous improvement has become a staple in my approach. There are, however, a lot more “tools” available in that “toolbox”. 

CoachI have also been asked if I consider myself a “Business Coach”. When working with smaller businesses, it’s not even a fine distinction between what we offer and what coaching firms offer – we serve different markets. Business coaches tend to provide insight, guidance and accountability tools to their clients. These clients tend to have some level of infrastructure and available personnel to take on the responsibilities that are identified as gaps during the coaching sessions. In Business Development, we do the same, but will fill those gaps on an interim or even long term basis as most of our clients do not have either the personal bandwidth to fill the gaps, nor the qualified personnel to handle the tasks. We not only work with the business owner, but we will work for the business owner to accomplish the growth goals that are set. 

Old ComputerI have also been asked how I got into website development. Since the mid-80’s I’ve had some level of “IT” responsibility. I was a certified Unix Administrator, was involved with Oracle implementations, ERP systems and Networks … so when I started my own business, I looked into what it took to develop websites. When I say “It’s all about the process” – this is especially true when it comes to websites and web presence. There are quite a few very reputable website developers out there. That being said, there seem to be even more of the “bright shiny thing” developers. I love to learn … and that was a driving force in my becoming familiar with the website development industry. I evaluated many competitors that had “specialties” or “programs” – that all made spectacular claims. When I used automated tools to evaluate the competitors work, I found that somewhere in the order of 90% of them didn’t even do what they claimed their specialty was!  Never mind the myriad of other necessary elements of a comprehensive web presence. Those folks are preying on the relative lack of knowledge of their client … but here is the reality – if you want to have a comprehensive approach to developing your web presence, the “equation” is really simple. BlocksThere is a very simple equation of A+B+C+D+E=Excellent Web Presence – but be aware anyone that tells you they can get you #1 rankings on Google … because “E” is “Time”. If all of your competition is doing “A thru D” at a very high level, and they have been doing it longer and continue to do it … then you won’t get that ranking! What else is required?

A= Website with an excellent technical design and “Design for SEO”
B= Optimized Listings, Citations and Links
C= Relevance of and Activity On your website
D= Social Media
E= Time

Other than the “Time” factor, A thru D have their own requirements and level of complexity. And that is why I say it’s all about the process! If anyone tried to manage this equation without specific and intentional systematic activities, it would be a disorganized mess. I have to guess that this is why so many offer “A” or “B” or “C” or “D” and not the entire package. I also have to say that this is as clear a differentiator as you could find in this industry – that we have developed processes to manage all of these elements in a cost effective and measurable manner. If you are looking to improve the state of your company, take an hour out of your schedule and let’s see what we can do to help!