Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

You might ask “Do I need my business website to be mobile friendly”? … Well, If you aren’t mobile ready and your competition is, then they are benefiting from the mobile searches for your type of business – and you won’t. Statistics indicate that almost 60% of all internet searches are performed on a smart phone or PDA … and if the mobile user does not enjoy their on-line experience, they are not likely to ever buy from you!

Mobile Sites Versus Website

Mobile Site Versus Website on a Mobile Device

There are alternatives – like responsive designs – which automatically resizes the image to fit the screen. We actually do all of our WordPress websites using responsive design, just in case our client doesn’t want or need a Mobile App … but Responsive Design just doesn’t cut it for a number of businesses. The Images don’t remain crisp and clear, the navigation is not as simple … the “User Experience” just isn’t what most business owners would want for their customers who frequent their website.

Mobile Sites Versus Responsive Design

Mobile Site Versus Responsive Design on a Mobile Device

Why? If you are a service business, the ease of use of the Mobile App for your clients can be a real differentiator. The ability to run promotionals and offers that are “exclusively for App users” makes for a unique marketing advantage over conventional mobile sites. Our fee structure is very low compared to other mobile app developers. The best way to determine whether you need a mobile app as opposed to a mobile friendly website is simple economics. If you can drive more then $540 of incremental increased business by using an app … then you should talk to Sparling Business Development about incorporating a mobile app into your marketing scheme. Remember, at Sparling Business Development, It’s All About The Process … if it doesn’t make sense we don’t do it!