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Website Design, SEO & Hosting
WordPress has become the de-facto standard for “Content Management System” websites – and as such we design most of our sites using WordPress. We have an open book approach with our clients where we will teach those who wish to have the ability to maintain their own sites how to.  As a Godaddy Reseller, our philosophy is to “share the savings” with our clients … so any of our website services are provided to our clients at our discounted rates. As an additional benefit of becoming a client, we will host your website for free unless there are unusual bandwidth considerations. If you need a website as a “Business Card Site” right up to a powerful SEO rich business growth tool, we can provide the most cost effective and business based solution available.
Mobile Apps
Industry experts estimate that 2014 will be the year that mobile searches will outnumber desktop searches for goods and services. If you are not “Mobile Ready” you are potentially losing out on 50% of all web based business. Our suite of mobile and tablet ready designs are available for you to take advantage of this market shift. A Mobile App can be a powerful marketing tool for some industries, but is certainly not for all. As such, our website designs use “responsive design” so that even they are “mobile friendly”.
Search Engine Optimization
SEO is not just a buzzword for website developers to claim as a service. Google, Yahoo and Bing all have their own unique requirements, but by using and following the guidelines set forth in the “Google Webmaster Tools” all of those search engines requirements are substantially satisfied. So how are we different? We use automated tools to ensure the keywords used are appropriate for your industry, automated tools to ensure the design is “SEO Friendly” and automated tools to validate the website is truly optimized. Notwithstanding what other “SEO Experts” may say they do, we show the results using unbiased software and frankly, the results we have experienced speak for themselves.
Reputation Management (Web)
Bad reviews can kill a business’s web presence. Inconsistent company information on different websites can create a less than optimal web presence. If you rely on your website and overall web presence as a means for growing your business, you should have a resource in place that is looking out for you and ensuring your web presence is not compromised.
Marketing Plans
Having a well developed marketing plan is critical to growing your business. Sparling Business Development has developed a “Competitive Marketing Analysis” questionnaire that provides business owners clear insight into what is necessary to grow their business through improved marketing. We have a hands on approach to providing you the tools and techniques necessary to fill the gaps that may exist in pursuing that growth.
Social Media Integration (Facebook, Linkedin etc…)
Like it or not, Social Media has become a basic staple of marketing businesses. This is not a trivial aspect of a business’s overall marketing plan. A well thought out, simple yet elegant mix of social media that keeps your prospects and clients engaged at appropriate intervals is not only advantageous, but necessary in today’s ever more competitive market.
Business Systemization
With over 30 years in Process and Quality Engineering as well as Operations Management, Sparling Business Development has the expertise to help small businesses wanting to become more systemized become so. How? Using ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and AS9001 as the basis of our method, we have stripped out all of the overhead associated with these programs and provide a lean and simplified means to becoming “Systemized”.
E-mail Marketing
Are you currently a Constant Contact user? Clients of Sparling Business Development benefit by not having to pay a monthly fee for their e-mail marketing. Very simply, use us to provide this service, and you will only “pay per use” as opposed to paying a fixed cost on a monthly basis.
Similar to the way we handle our clients e-mail marketing needs, we will provide a similar service for providing your customers with a periodic newsletter. Why pay for 12 months of a service if you only use it quarterly? Take advantage of our expertise to not only save money, but to provide meaningful content and industry tested methods for growing your client base and user community.
Drip Marketing
If you are looking to expand your readership, membership or client base, then Drip Marketing is a powerful tool. Very simple in concept, Drip Marketing is not SPAM – it is intended to be informative and inviting – not sales based. It is targeted marketing to specific verticals or demographics. All else being equal, the CAN-SPAM Act allows direct marketing email messages to be sent to anyone, without permission, until the recipient explicitly requests that they cease as long as those messages are not overtly commercial or misleading in nature. Allow us to show you how to turn e-mail marketing into inviting and irresistible offers!
Marketing Collateral Development
Got trifolds? Business Cards? Logos? Sell sheets? If you need materials developed to assist in the sales and marketing effort of your business, Sparling Business Development has the tools and expertise to provide you powerful conversion tools to turn suspects into prospects, and prospects into customers. Every business embarking on a mission to grow must have compelling and professional collateral to put in the hands of their potential future customers.
Adwords Campaigns
Don’t rely on a seat of the pants approach to your Google Adwords campaigns. Allow us to provide focused and tested advice on how to optimize your return on investment in this program. We provide this as a consultative service at “pass through” costs to you – unlike other services that charge a 30% premium on the campaigns.
Local Search Optimization
Everyone knows about Google … but what about the ever growing list of industry specific internet search tools? Step one is knowing they exist! Step 2 is to take advantage of those which are appropriate to your industry. If “an educated consumer” is your best prospect, then this is an ever more important aspect of your overall marketing presence that needs to be considered.

Testimonials – This is why I do what I do!

You might call me a dinosaur … I was hoping I could retire before the computer age took over. Jay came highly recommended from one of the guys at Fairview Millwork, so I gave him a call and met with him. He set me up with a website and created invoice forms and quote forms for me. He made everything dimple for me, and best of all, I get requests for quotes from the website he created. If you aren’t computer literate, don’t let that bother you. Jay was patient and showed me exactly what I needed to do to bring my business into the 21st century. R.T. Raynham MA

We are a national non-profit organization. Our primary struggle was how to gain membership – and as a non-profit, how to do that on a shoestring budget. We talked to several “Internet Marketing” businesses – each one having something in common – they wanted to sell us expensive SEO Services. Then we talked to Jay. He spent quite a bit of time learning about our goals, how we were currently marketing our organization, who our target market was … and helped us actually develop a marketing plan that we could execute ourselves. We consider his advice to have been invaluable – allowing us to avoid several thousand dollars in marketing fees that had no guaranteed return. It’s now going on over two years, and we continue to use and value Jay’s expertise. We are very grateful to have become acquainted with him! C.M. Goldsboro MD

I own and operate a small cleaning company. Prior to meeting Jay, I had no website and had to find all of my new clients by word of mouth. Jay took the time to make my website truly reflect my business, and as a measure of success, I have gained over 20 new clients just from the website. The next thing I had Jay do was design a trifold explaining my services – so now I have multiple ways of “getting the word out” about my business. If you have a small business and want it to grow, call Jay! D.M. Wareham MA

To be blunt, our website was a disaster! We hadn’t maintained it for years – the cost just for updates was too much. We met with Jay and were stunned to find his cost for a “new and contemporary” website was less than actually having our old designer do updates! Not only that, but he saved us several hundred dollars a year on hosting fees. In one year we have had over 50 inquiries to our business from the website – probably more than the last 5 years combined for the old one. Because of the success of this, we have used Jay to create our marketing literature, have streamlined our office processes and are looking at developing a business app with him. Working with Jay has been a great experience. C.M. Middleboro MA

My experience with Jay is one of cost avoidance. If anyone is using Dex Media for their internet marketing, very simply – talk to Jay. I’ve saved over $12,000 in the past couple of years and haven’t skipped a beat in terms of web presence. Why? Jay does what he says he’ll do and it works. Pretty simple approach, very effective results! G.H. Brockton MA

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