How Do Your Company Business Listings Look On The Web?

Directory Listings

In today’s world wide web, consistency is key. One of the single most overlooked aspects of being found locally is having all of your directory listings accurate and updated. Each site may take from 30 – 60 minutes each to locate, gain ownership, update and maintain. Many of these sites do not even allow the owner to take ownership and update the information, no matter how inaccurate or mis-leading the posting may be. There is a solution. Allow Sparling Business Development to provide this service. We do it at “Pass Thru” pricing to our clients – charging only a $50 one time set-up fee. This, coupled with a properly set-up Google Places For Business page are the two most significant steps you can take to being found locally after you have released a properly “designed for SEO website”. Sparling Business Development will take all of the mystery out of website marketing and local SEO – because at Sparling Business Development “It’s All About The Process”.